About our Company


Our is to be the leading consultancy in training of business analysts and the most preferred business by both clients and firms worldwide.


-  We value service excellence
-  We value diversity in people and promote equality placements
-  We uphold integrity towards our clients
- We act reponsibility for our communities


To deliver quality service through efficient and professional consultancy and training; to assure our clients and candidates of our personal attention and professionalism at all times

Aims and Objectives

- To develop client relationships with the clients and the organizations
- To source exceptional candidates with the right skills
- To employ ethical recruiting practices within the organization
- To find employees who fit into our ways of doing things within the organization

Our Keys to Success are

- To maintain client satisfaction at all levels by providing them with quality services at an affordable and reasonable price
- To keep overhead low at the beginning of the business
- To ensure that the presentation and the promotion of its services are handled in a professional manner
- To provide a functional and up-to-date information for the clients through the use of social media
- To maintain good relationships with a diverse network of consultants and alliance partners